We believe that professional development for teachers should not be a time for consultants to come and deliver a lecture. Instead, we believe that quality professional development should be a collaborative partnership between all stakeholders to solve a common problem in the school. We pride ourselves in using innovative measures to help schools, teachers, and communities thrive while addressing issues that impact student instruction. Our teacher experts have the valuable experience of working in varied school settings that allow them to be solution oriented to all situations.

Core Values

  • Teachers are the experts in education.
  • Learning is a process and should be solution based.
  • Questioning is critical in the thought process.
  • A hand on learning approach is critical to finding solutions.
  • Relevancy and research are key in understanding problems and must be used with balance in proposing solutions.
  • A Student-centered approach should be used in all decisions about students.
educational workshops for teachers
education workshops

Vision Statement 

We believe that professional development for teachers should not be “sit and get” instead it should be a collaborative approach between teachers, principals, teacher leaders, parents, students, and other stakeholders. In order belief that teachers are the experts in education, we believe that the solution to any problem in a school can be solved with the help of other expert teachers. We strive to bring those Teacher Facilitators into your building and giving them the tools to ignite change.