Culturally Responsive Teaching is a pedagogy that recognizes the importance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning (Ladson-Billings,1994). As our schools demographically change, it’s important that teachers understand how important culture is when creating, revising, and redelivering content. During our variety of workshops and programs around culturally responsive teaching, we aim to empower students, teachers, and school communities.

Our dynamic facilitators, have experience in elementary, middle, and high school and can customize our workshop to focus on your needs such as topics from:

  • The 411: Culturally Responsive Teaching: What Is It?
  • Restorative Practices in Schools
  • Males of Color Institute
  • Females of Color Institute

These fun, engaging workshops are a great starting point for schools on the journey to making sure we celebrate who students are and what they bring to the school.