In most schools, servicing our students with disabilities is either a “hit” or “miss” depending on the teacher, class period, or even administrators. With the nationwide count of school-age students covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act reaching 58.3 million in 2014,  the most rapid growth area in such disability categories as autism, more schools are struggling with how to do what’s best for students and families serviced through IDEA.

During these series of workshops, our dynamic facilitators, work with schools on topics ranging from:

  • How to Write a Correct IEP
  • How to Advocate for a Student With Special Needs
  • Involving Your Parents with Their Rights in Mind
  • When The Majority of Your SPED Population are Boys
  • Four Co-Teaching Models That Will Transform Any Classroom
  • Scheduling with Your Special Education Population in Mind (High School)
  • Take the Dis- Out of Disability: 6 Ways to Bring a Growth Mindset for Your Students and Teachers

In addition to workshops, we will also offer advocacy services for families who are new and/or having issues being serviced according to their child’s IEP.