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According to “The Cost Of Teacher Turnover In Five School Districts” by Gary Barnes, Edward Crown, Benjamin Schaefer for the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, (2007)

“Low performing schools rarely close the student achievement gap because the never close the teaching quality gap – they are constantly rebuilding their staff.  An inordinate amount of their capital – both human and financial- is consumed by the constant process of hiring and replacing beginning teachers who leave before they have mastered the ability to create a successful leaning culture for their students.


This profound research is indicative is indicative of the need for school districts to pay critical attention to recruitment and retention of quality teachers. critical literacy instruction for students in all subject areas. Many school districts struggle with how to retain teachers in high-need areas or underserved populations.  Our consulting services are designed to use not only use “hands on” strategies but to think outside “the box” to help organize job fairs to bring in highly qualified participants to fill hard to fill instructional jobs.

In addition, to helping school districts we also work 1:1 with teachers to help them find school placements, create an effective online presence, and revise your resume. Our dynamic facilitators, have experience in human resources and schools at all grade levels and can customize our workshop to focus on your needs as both an individual and school system.