With an ever-changing educational landscape, it’s important for teachers to receive professional learning that’s both engaging and relevant. Our mantra, “teachers are the experts in education” rings through in every professional learning we deliver in every school we visit. Before engaging with any teachers, we always start our conversation with a survey so that we can assess what teachers already know. In addition, all of our facilitators are award-winning teachers who have decades of experience in the classroom in every grade band and content area.

Throughout our work,  five principles guide our  work with teachers and students:

  • Professional learning is focused on both teacher and student outcomes.
  • Professional learning is focused on and embedded in teacher practice and is not disconnected from the school.
  • Professional learning is collaborative, involving reflection and feedback.
  • Professional learning is ongoing, supported and fully integrated into the culture and operations of the system – schools, networks, regions and the center.
  • Professional learning should be engaging  and rooted in teacher practice.


During our work, we’ve worked with the following school districts: