In today’s world, people are asked to “prove” their claims in all aspects of their life? However, how do you align what’s asked of adults in the real world to writing in class? During this workshop series, participants will look at various modes of writing and develop strategies that will engage students in the process of not only writing from sources, but also drafting, collaborating, and publishing. Whether you’re a new teacher to a “seasoned” veteran, you will leave this series with not only ideas┬ábut resources to engage the most difficult student.

Our dynamic facilitators, have experience in elementary, middle, and high school and can customize our workshop to focus on your needs such as topics from:

  • The Foundations of Correctly Answering a Short (and Extended) Constructed Response Question
  • The C.R.E.S.T. Method to Engage Students in Writing Authentically
  • How to Use Graphic Organizers to Make Students Independent Thinkers
  • How to Engage Students in Using Portfolios to Gauge Their Student Growth
  • Rubrics That Demand Students to M.O.V.E.

These fun, engaging workshops are a great starting point for schools on the journey to make sure their Coaches have the resources needed to be effective.